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Michael Joule - New Yorkshire, UK <Prev Testimonial Testimonial List^ Next Testimonial>

Depression Treatment Patient TestimonialsI am a 36yr old male who has been suffering with anxiety probably since I was a child after witnessing the break up of my parents, and the effect this had on my Mother. This anxiety intensified in my twenties probably brought on by the death of my Father, whom I totally idolized.

In my later twenties I suffered an illness for about 18 months which I thought I would not recover from which at times made me want to die, which only made my anxiety worse, and even after I recovered it was like I lived in a perpetual state of fear, wondering when the ground was going to open up again.

It has affected my work and personal life, and at times totally debilitated me.

I personally think my anxiety problem is partly genetic but has also been brought about by life events that I have not reacted to very well and don't feel I've been able to emotionally recover from.

After my Mother died suddenly in my early thirties whom I was extremely close to this anxiety turned into a total break down, and if it wasn't for the fact that my partner was due to give birth to our daughter 5 months later, I think I would have chosen a path of gradual personal destruction having
no regard or respect for life after what I felt life had done to me.

I have been prescribed four separate anti-depressants which I had to cease taking after suffering adverse side effects(some quite severe) until I finally was prescribed an anti-depressant which did help me a tremendous amount. The trouble was over time I had to reduce the dosage because of the feelings of fatigue I experienced with them and weight gain. This in effect resulted in relapse i.e. feelings of anxiety again and at times deep depression.

I came across Alpha Stim totally by accident on the internet, and thought it was worth trying out. Worse case scenario I would lose $500, although I was assured there was a 30 day refund policy.

After the first two weeks I was ready to send the Alpha Stim back. I experienced dizziness, headaches, difficulty sleeping, tiredness throughout the day (none of which I was having before using the machine). I was using the machine for between 20 and 60 minutes a day initially on setting three and then on setting two.

I spoke to Karl at Moeller a number of times who told me if I wanted I could send the machine back and get a refund but persuaded me to try the machine one last time, but this time every other day and reduce the setting to one.

I followed his advice which was nearly three weeks ago now and am dearly glad I did. I am using it more or less every day now for an hour on setting one. I now look forward to getting up in the morning and using it, whereas before the morning was always the worst part of the day for me. I have had no more dizziness or adverse effects apart from a very minor headache initially, on the left hand side of my head, which I put down to the machine stimulating something at that side of my brain.

Something is changing in me and I don't know what or how, and I don't care. All I know is I feel calmer, happier, clearer headed, more focused, positive, looking forward to the future, able to take on new projects I was afraid of doing before, getting on with my partner better, less afraid, having a better insight into things, been able to detach myself from matters that I could not do before.

There's a part of me that does not want any body else knowing about the Alpha Stim, it's like it's my secret or advantage on the rest of the world but that's selfish. If just one person who is suffering benefits from the alpha stim from reading my testimonial then I will have the pleasure in knowing that I have given a great gift.

Thank you Alpha Stim!

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